The local economy, a vital part of Luxembourg's sustainable recovery

The local economy, a vital part of Luxembourg's sustainable recovery

People have become increasingly aware of the importance of the  local economy, especially during times of crisis.  It has an excellent reputation in Luxembourg and conveys a sense of trust. Shop and restaurant owners and local craftsmen are synonymous with high quality and excellent customer service.

But they don’t just serve in a professional capacity, they also play an important social role. After weeks of lock-down, going on a shopping spree or visiting your favorite restaurant or hairdresser is sure to bring back smiles - for everyone, both the buyers and the sellers.

With the Smile Again campaign, we are highlighting the commercial  and social benefits of the local economy. Craftsmen, shop and restaurant owners are ready to serve you and at the same time, to give you back your smile. 

A public awareness campaign to support local commerce.

The Smile Again campaign is a unique project. It is designed to raise the  general public’s awareness  about the advantages of local trade. In particular, attention should be drawn to the commercial  and social advantages of the Horeca and craft businesses.

Under the leadership of the umbrella organization MarkCom (Association des Agences Conseil en Marketing et Communication), 15 agencies are working for the first time on a promotional campaign free of charge.  Any  revenue from the Smile Again campaign will not be passed on to the participating agencies, but will be used at a later date to fund a support programme for the entire communication industry. 

Tradesmen, craftsmen and restaurateurs are ready to warmly - and safely - welcome you!

They are all committed to following strict safety and hygiene criteria so that you can relax and enjoy impeccable service in a completely safe setting.

For more information: www.gouvernement.lu/coronavirus

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